Broiler Feeds

Broiler feed Our Broiler Feeds range is produced in Crumble and Pelleted form. The facilities have the capacity to add oil post pelleting, which is mainly applied to high-density diets. This enables the factory to produce these diets without compromising on pellet quality. Contact Us Our Products Our Broiler Feed Range Maxyield Range Megayield Range […]

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Layer Feeds

Layer Feed To sustain consistent egg production up to a late age, it is of utmost importance to give birds the correct start. Pullets need to achieve the correct body weight and frame size as well as a good flock uniformity to achieve good results. Our Layer Feed range is well balanced with protein and

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Breeder Feeds

Breeder feed With increasing growth rates associated with genetic selection for broiler production, comes increased challenges for the broiler breeder farmer. Management practices, and nutrient supply must adjust to this ever-changing bird. Achieving the correct body weight and composition in rearing will support consistent production and hatch ability. Flock uniformity is of utmost importance and

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Pig Feeds

Pig feed The ultimate quality of pork is defined by many factors, including genetics, fertility, nutrition, health and environment. The goal of the feeding program is to achieve the highest possible carcass quality and weight in the shortest period. The program must be cost efficient and achieve exceptional performance under a specific set of genetics,

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